Conemaugh Arms And Ammo Guns

Hunting has long been a well utilized tradition for Conemaugh Arms and Ammo family.

  We carry a nice selection of big game rifles in name brands and popular calibers from the traditional Marlin 30-30 levers to bolt action magnum rifles.

 We also carry various shotguns and turkey guns that we are sure will meet your needs.

 Check out our selection of .22 rifles for both hunting and target. 

  We also carry a huge selection of NRA targets from 22 match, 100 to 300 yard rifle targets, and police qualification TQ-15's. If you're into practicing on zombies targets, we have them too!

  Got a little one?  Come and see our Savage Rascals in a variety of colors.

  If hunting and target shooting is your game, come and visit.

Hunting and Target